Tank Time

Any steel water vessel eventually succumbs to time and corrosion, and alas the time has come to replace the water tank on L516. The group went about removing the old water tank using a few choice tools:

TankTime - pic01

Time was taken to photograph key components to make the reassembly a little easier.

TankTime - pic02

While a new tank was sourced, the tank straps were stripped and repainted.

TankTime - pic03

Before Ross and Todd spent a day test fitting the tank (with the help of our trusty bottle jack).

TankTime - pic04

Garry sourced and installed vibration suppressing rubber, which is fitted between the tank and the steel straps.

TankTime - pic05

Then the new plumbing was installed. We are looking forward to the day when we can enjoy running water and a cup of tea in L516.

TankTime - pic06

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