Car Ends – Part 2

Steve has been rebuilding the Redfern end of the carriage roof.

CarEnds2 - Pic01

Half of it looks alright.

CarEnds2 - Pic02

But the other side is a bit of a sad story.

CarEnds2 - Pic03

Somehow it seems to look worse from the inside.

CarEnds2 - Pic04

The old timbers were clearly beyond repair, so Brett sourced and started manufacturing new replacement timbers.

CarEnds2 - Pic05

This repair has been a headache for a long while now, but Steve handles it with his usual confident bull-at-a-gate approach, rebuilding this whole section of roof. Steve started by cutting out the rot with a circular saw and splicing in new timber.

CarEnds2 - Pic07

Before building out the roof hollow with solid timber, forming individual timber slices to match the roof profile in the traditional fashion.

CarEnds2 - Pic08

It takes a while, and it isn’t easy, but his efforts have the roof looking good as new.

CarEnds2 - Pic09

But the wow factor really only hits you when you see the whole job completed. Steve truly has done another magnificent job restoring this carriage roof end to a high quality finish. His efforts are an inspiration and it’s this satisfaction that keeps us coming back for more resto works each weekend.

CarEnds2 - Pic10

It’s just as well too, because the volunteers are the backbone of maintaining all the carriages that currently call Eveleigh home. Altogether, there are almost 30 carriages in our care, both publicly and privately owned.

CarEnds2 - Pic11

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