Shutter Runners

Work is underway getting the shutter runners into a presentable form. Years ago, these TAM’s had polished timber shutters, runners and sills but somewhere along the way, the railways started painting them brown. Altogether, we require over 90 shutter runners for this car.

We start by taking a pair of runners from the pile, which resembles a casualty ward.


One face retains the shellac, which is stripped using methylated spirits to avoid clogging the sand paper.


Each metal catch is removed, stripped to bare brass and polished. Both timber faces are sanded back to reveal the beautiful Australian cedar wood grain, then the catches are re-fitted. Each catch is uniquely fitted, and care must be taken to ensure each returns to its original spot!


Over the years, some of the original runners have been damaged, so numerous repairs are required along the way.


The runners are then painted with 4 coats of clear finish for longevity.


Many of the original runners were either beyond repair or have been lost over the years, so the tedious process of manufacturing new runners is also being tackled. Each catch is stripped and polished, and then its footprint is marked in the timber using a sharp razor blade.

A chisel burrows out its housing.

Care and perseverance produces a nice neat fit for each catch.

Back at Eveleigh, each compartment is having its timber trim removed to strip shellac.


With the trim removed, the compartment looks like this.


Trim re-fitted.


French polished and buffed and jewellery re-fitted. Working fans are a god send for the volunteers working on this carriage during the hot summer months.


A repair has been made to a damaged compartment door frame.


All the floor quads have been salvaged and painted ahead of laying the new flooring.


Steve has used off-cuts from the lounge pressed metal ceiling to replace the missing sheet in the Redfern end of the car.


The roof near the centre car doors is also progressing nicely. A sneaky vent will cover the former hot water service flue.


It’s all go in TAM heaven! More updates soon.

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