Car Ends – Part 1

Steve has been steadily rebuilding the upper ends of the car in order to restore the timbers to a high quality weather proof finish. Some may baulk at these kinds of jobs because they quickly become major, but Steve taking the time to do this work now will help ensure the car has a long low maintenance running life.

Last time we checked in, the new matchboard timbers were back in place and undercoated:

Car Ends 01

Before the studs were replaced with the help of a large hammer and a socket set, followed by another coat of primer:

Car Ends 02

The cornivce timbers replaced:

Car Ends 03

And then undercoat ready for the Indian red.

Car Ends 04

One more quick repair.

Car Ends 05

…and Steve is onto the other end of the car to do it all again!

Car Ends 06

Work in progress. Watch this space!

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