Overhauling a Carriage Part 2: Bogie Work

The following is a selection of photos were taken from our mechanical team showing some of the key steps in
a complete overhaul of one of the bogies on SFN2182.

With the carriage body hydraulically lifted and layed onto temporary stilts, the Bogie is removed from the carriage and the stripping out of brake beams and components


The Yoke and Draft Gear are inspected for wear and cracks.


Springs and components are removed for inspection and requalification/reclamation.


Swing plank removed in preparedness for overhaul, inspection and bush renewal.


Swing plate and leaf springs are re-fitted.


The Bogie Bolster which holds majority of the carriage weight is replaced after crack testing.


With the Bogie replaced and the brakes connected up the carriage is now ready for air brake testing before being allowed to return to service.


And with this work on the second bogie (the other one was completed earlier) this completes the overhaul of SFN2182.

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