SFN2182 Overhaul

During 2011 passenger car SFN2182 has been withdrawn from service and is being overhauled at Eveleigh.

Picture 079

Work has commenced repairing the roof area.

Picture 080

The malthoid covering on the roof was in need of repairs and the end timbers required replacement.

Picture 081

Whilst most of the roof will only require painting some sections had to be removed to repair rotten timbers in the roof.

Picture 082

It soon became obvious that this was not going to be a quick repair job. (Is it ever?)

Picture 084

What started off as a simple job soon became a much bigger than expected task.

Picture 085

The end sections of malthoid were removed to repair the wood work. All metal sections were treated to prevent rust.

Picture 086

A new wooden section will be manufactured and spliced into place before the malthoid material is reapplied.

Picture 089

New wooden mouldings were cut and shaped to the correct roof profile. These sections were primed and reapplied before the malthoid was replaced.

Picture 088

At the same time the removal of body rust began. This project will continue throughout the year and the car will receive a mechanical overhaul during this period. More updates throughout the year.

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